Brand requests promotion. Working with reputation and SERP

Effective ways to promote branded requests from the position of the SERM.


Ways to promote branded requests from the SERM position consist of four elements: - official footer website - Internal optimization - External reference - Write reviews - Increase the number of publications about yourself For many years, a seemingly banal phrase, placed in the footer "Official Website", very well and effectively automatically increases the credibility of the Internet resource.

For the Internet resources placed indexed in Yandex, this phrase directly and proportionally increases the search results as it is of great importance for text ranking. The phrase "Official Website" does not seem to affect the text ranking, but, clearly, it falls into the snippet, it will help with normal search results. For many businesses, this is very, very important.

A small example can be easily found on the sites of any developers or residential complexes. As a rule, professional designers have worked with them, and they are designed for “Wow effect”. Yes, this effect is indeed achieved. But for search engines, such SEO sites are not optimized and do not contain any relevant pages, content that is generally worth indexing and display accordingly when performing a branded search. For contextual advertising, it may be suitable, but for search engines this is absolutely not the case. As a result, other SEO-optimized sites take away, ultimately, all traffic from search engines. There are a lot of such examples.

This information is easily confirmed and proved, it is enough to track calls and behavior of site visitors.

If such sites are optimized, the search engine will display the branded information first. The first information from a search engine, for example, from a developer with an optimized website, will be taken by a potential client, bought, ordered, paid. Why should he poke around in the wilds of the Internet and search results? Potential client and search engine non-optimized sites do not care.

Another area where there is a similar problem is the pharmaceutical industry. This market is very competitive. The search results provide a large number of sites, various pharmacies, information portals with great information of a pharmaceutical nature and a description of drugs. Sites of drug manufacturers, in search results, do not fall.

Why? Manufacturers do not make separate sites for each commodity item of the drug, but place everything on the corporate website in a crowd where there are a couple of hundred drugs, or create a small, modest page. Such a page and sites are significantly losing to other information resources, where all the information about a particular drug is correctly and completely disclosed. Such resources not only care about the disclosure of all information, but also collect statistical data, track traffic, take into account various behavioral factors of site visitors. All this is aimed at ensuring that search engines consider this content relevant and display it according to branded queries as high-quality and complete information. Adding the phrase “Official website” is the first small step in raising the status of a website or page.

This situation and the problems we described above are solved rather slowly. We improve the quality and completeness of the content, mention the phrase “official website”, expand the snippets - we confirm that the information, the content comes from the original source.

We do internal optimization

For internal optimization, carry out a set of actions for the classic SEO promotion. For example, we include the most frequently used brand name requests by visitors in the title, header, the beginning of the text, the first paragraph, we develop optimized text, we make the right content for the footer, we expand the brand name queries in the headers - h2 h3 and so on.

Using this text optimization method is very useful and effective when we work and post any PR articles or other content. It is very important to do so that any material placed begins with the most popular and frequently used query. Only in this way, you can get into the top search engines.

Using external links

Another popular option that can be used is the use of external links. Many sites actively use the acquisition of links of any quality. However, external links directly and indirectly affect the quality, lowering or increasing the level of the site where external links are used. It is necessary competently approaches to these processes.


We have already examined in detail the ways and effects of search results, when posting reviews. Do not forget to actively write and post positive reviews on all available sites and services, in reviews.

Publications about yourself

When you have a PR specialist, PR is a great option, as you will be able to work professionally and systematically with posting new publications online, namely guest posts, placing press releases, posting news, blogging on various services and in social networks.

If you do not have such a specialist, you can also, independently or with the help of subordinate employees, carry out the activities mentioned. All ways are good.

We track search results.

To track the quality and level of search results, there is a free tool called search parser. This parser collects the data output of the site in Google and Yandex, simultaneously for several requests, and also allows you to upload all the collected information into a separate file or show the results on the screen.


How to use it and why is it all convenient?

Uploading materials can be collected in a separate file. After that, it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the statistical data. We will be able to track whether, in previous periods, the same page in the search results. If the page is new, the corresponding note will be displayed in the file. In addition, the manager analyzes and can understand what is happening with the search results: whether it is quality material or not, whether it should be removed from its Internet site, displaced from the top, and so on.

Special terminology.

In professional activities, we use the mark "Neutral" - for medium and normal publication. Along with this, we also use the concept as “Negative” - for negative publications. "Positive" - respectively, for positive materials.

What is the nuance here? We try not to use the word Negative, because the first letter “N” is also in the word “Neutral”. In addition, when working in Excel, when the first letters “O”, “N” and also “P” are used, the correct correct version is immediately displayed, there is no need to think out and guess anything. Thanks to this method, time is significantly saved when carrying out work manually.

A person responsible for reputation management, a PR specialist or another authorized employee of the company can, in a convenient format,build a graph, use analytical data, track data of neutral, positive or negative materials.


We understand how using the issue tracking, the quality of the snippet, following the actual appearance and display of the site in search results, ensuring maximum quality publications, content in the top - to achieve positive results of search results. We make publications displayed in the top using the above methods of external and internal optimization analysis.

For timely response, it is necessary to carry out the above monitoring, analysis. From our experience, about 30 positions of the first issue. Do not be limited to the first top 10 issuance. Top-issue is rather unstable and dynamic. Today, there are some pages and sites in the top, others tomorrow.

To work carried out, it should be added, crowding out the negative and replacing negative data with positive content. In the ideal case, we do the final sweep - we delete the negative information on third-party resources. This work, after the final cleansing, can be done - only by direct interaction with the resources where the negative information is located. Communicate.

YouTube videos with negative for branded request

Case 1. We bribe the blogger.


One of our clients demanded the immediate removal of a negative content video for him. We, of course, paid great attention to this client, since it was extremely important for us, including financially dependent on him. About 30% of turnover, provided only this client.

The client set the task to remove this video within 24 hours. We turned to the owner of the account where the corresponding video was posted. As a result, the owner of this account responded to our offer and deleted the video after receiving a certain reward. We played a pity script. Appealed on behalf of the girl who allegedly works in the relevant agency responsible for the reputation. Her further work allegedly depends on the removal of this video, since the employer pointed out that the effectiveness of her work depends on the removal of this video. She asked to meet her and remove the specified video for a fee.

Case 2. Removal of video on demand of a television company.


Relatively recently, we carried out work on the removal of the video, which was very common, got into the issuance of Google, Yandex and YouTube at the same time. By whom and when this video was made and posted on various channels, accounts is not clear. It was commercial in nature and contained defamatory information about our client. In the video, television material was used, which was appropriately sliced and assembled, that the client’s brand was presented in a negative context.

The blogger, or rather the bloggers, on whose channels these videos were posted did not respond to our messages, the technical support of the services that hosted the video also.

We prepared a corresponding appeal to the legal department of the TV channel, the owner of some of the materials used in the video, asked them to complain to the account holders, as well as directly to the services where the videos were posted. A claim of copyright infringement, the use of part of television material in commercials, without the permission of the TV channel - the owner, is illegal. As a result, it worked. The clip was deleted exclusively from all resources.

Case 3. Search for the owner of an abandoned channel


In this case we will tell you about the work that was done with the abandoned YouTube channel. In the specified channel, the video was placed, with a negative context for our client. The owner of the channel, despite numerous appeals, did not get in touch with us. This was the last negative video for this client, which was to be removed. Therefore, we decided to pay special attention to working with this content. What have we done? We found out geographically (down to the street) where the owner of this channel is located and lives. Placed the information that we are looking for this person on the pillars and the available space for ads in the area. Surprisingly, but true. The real owner of this channel has contacted us.

The video that we wanted to remove, he deleted for a fee.

Ways to block channels on YouTube




The rules and regulations of activities for YouTube-channels contain clear requirements for materials posted by users. Tough rules - the lack of pornography and low-quality content material. And if you massively place a link with a video clip on a porn site, or just a low-quality website, such a video clip can be banned or deleted with all other video materials. Those. even other people's links placed under the video you are interested in must be followed by the account holder. In addition, it is worth mentioning such a concept as Strike is a warning to the channel from YouTube about violation of the established rules, having received 3 Strikes, the channel will be blocked. This technology allows us to remove and block unwanted videos, channels in 90% of cases.

Delete reviews based on the legislation of the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has its own specific rules that govern the functioning of the Internet. In Russia, as an internationally recognized legal norm, there is legislation on the right to oblivion, for which any individual has the right to remove extradition that is outdated, irrelevant or incorrect.

According to the aforementioned norm of the legislation of the Russian Federation, if an individual considers that something in the issue is irrelevant, outdated or incorrect, he may demand removal of the issue. The right to oblivion does not apply to the claims of legal entities.


All existing search engines available to us are required to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, international regulatory legal acts and the norms set forth in them.

A difficult situation has arisen with Yandex, they only remove a quarter, according to the statistics that they themselves publish.

It should also be borne in mind that it is possible to demand removal on the basis of the absurdity of the information. More recently, a material was published on how the deputy expressed his wish for the blockade to relive it again. Using the above right, at the request of the deputy, this absurd information was removed from all resources and in issue.

Details of this story can be found at this link:

Removal of negative content by court decision

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the possibility of going to court for recognition of a legally significant fact.

It should be noted that these claims are not filed against anyone, but in relation to the recognition of a fact. Those. The defendant in such a claim will not be.

Today, there is a rich arbitration practice, when the court makes a statement that the data presented on the website are perceived as a fact and can damage the reputation.

According to lawyers, we have the right to express our own point of view. The main thing is to write a value judgment about a brand, product, product or service, employer, but only in the form of value judgment. If you write: "Lead in the product."

And it is not. This information is presented as fact. Hence, it can be removed, based on the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Another example, if it is written: “According to our subjective appraisal opinion, Ivan Ivanovich is gay” - there are no violations. The court will not satisfy such a claim for recognition of the fact. Value judgments. If you write: “Ivanov Ivan is gay,” the court will consider this point of view as a fact that harms the reputation.

After receiving a court decision to establish the fact, we send it to the search engines, which are required to remove this information in the search results. Also, with a copy of the court decision, you must contact the owners of the resource, regarding the removal of reputational information.

The new law on the removal of defamatory information

Business increasingly registers various trademarks, brands and so on. Regarding the protection of rights to use these trademarks, there is legislation concerning the protection of copyright and related rights. Therefore, if this trademark is used without permission of one or another resource, the site can be prohibited to use it.

Complaints about hosters are good, because they are afraid of litigation, as well as blocking the resource. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the response time to such a complaint is only 12 hours from the time of its delivery (dispatch).

Work with negative sites

We offer the following ways to suppress negatives using blogs: - Ideal conditions when the publication is posted on a collective blog. - Create publications and start blogging. - We use the official news rewriting, as well as press releases, adapting the title to fit your goals and objectives.

There are special sites and resources that allow you to post the developed materials: press releases, news. You can search for the line powered by live stream.

We must take into account that the beginning of any of our publications must coincide with the popular brand query. The same applies to typical queries that relate to reputation. Be sure to adapt the title so that it starts with the brand name.

We have repeatedly written about the feasibility of using the services of a copywriter, you can fill the top of the issue and supplant the negative, which will go down below, below and below.

Articles for money

There is also the possibility of placing materials in the so-called "articles". These are large Internet sites that copy news from major news sites that host copyright materials. Those. a large site, publishes news, and many small sites, republish this information. We are looking for valid contacts, write off, agree to remove this information for the price of placing the eternal link.

With them you can also agree on the placement of positive information.

Therefore, we could use a separate page to create a clone, where there will be only positive information, and a page where there is negative information is there to carry out activities to crowd out negative feedback.

Purchase press releases on official media sites

- Ideal - news sites - Many have the functionality of posting paid news and press releases. - After that, we start promotion with various methods so that the page gets to the top

This method is the most popular and is working for the Russian market.

Unlike news.Google, news.Yandex - has a media base, where, through monitoring and analysis, you can pick up the media for the subsequent placement of your materials.

Anti-Work Sites

It is necessary and desirable, in addition to crowding out negative feedback, to create a clone page in the same service, where to place only positive feedback. - Clone page is filled with positive - We become the official representative - We suppress negative information from the top, reviews on the second page

Quite often there is a situation when reviews and reviews are relatively relatively similar companies. For example, "Contact Media" or "Media Contact."

Ideal for dealing with reputational issues.

With a negative need to work, respond. All our problems and questions, from the fact that, when solving various issues, we do not communicate with each other. The best job with reputation is a satisfied customer, consumer. Of course, we will not talk about the machinations of competitors, who can post various negative reviews, videos, etc. Eliminating customer dissatisfaction with the quality, conditions or level of service is simpler than simple - you just need to listen to what exactly he does not like.

Well, create a seething appearance of a solution. Responding to the most audacious and negative feedback - you externally, in writing the answer, should be impeccable, focused on solving problematic issues. Naturally, no quarrels and clarification of relations, preferably, no form of objection.

To establish contact, it is not necessary to use common phrases (we, in our opinion, etc.), use a personal appeal, from yourself. Good work. This concerns not only personal communication, but also correspondence in reviews, materials, etc.

How to work with objections:

  • Do not speak with the author. Talk to the audience.
  • “I am not the right person, but we will help.”
  • “I screwed up.”
  • Make fun.
  • Repositioning.
  • “Yes, but…”
  • Worst of all - a logical answer and a link to the information.

In this case, it is worth considering that it is better to appeal to the audience. The author may not return to his review and will not get acquainted with your answer. Therefore, it is important for us that other audiences see your well-reasoned good answers.

Once again we repeat that it is desirable not to show any emotion, not to write anything personal, not to insult or humiliate a person. After all, by and large, you turn to readers who will see your review even a few years later. The best answer is: “I am a company manager and the mistake is not mine, specifically, but I will try to resolve all the issues that have arisen.” A pretty strong position is when we admit an error, as if saying “Yes, wrong, sorry.” Promise, be sure, to correct - this is also a very positive trend in responding to a negative review.

Some authors who respond to reviews, own and are able to build a dialogue well, turn the course of negotiations into humor. Using this method is very difficult, but if the initial review is too emotional and you will respond with humor to the person, this will solve some questions with the intensity of your passions. Make fun of this situation, but not the person, do not mock him.

Try to conduct a dialogue in a constructive way, to avoid the situation of leaving the dialogue in the direction of clarifying relations, conflict and squabbles. For example, if a customer would like to replace a defective item, offer to replace it.

When it is obvious that a review is posted from a competitor, in this case, the best option is to write the answer: "I represent Director of our main competitors." Thus, we communicate directly with the audience, do not enter into a conflict dialogue with competitors. It will become clear to everyone what the negative feedback was related to. Another good dialogue option - agree with the arguments of the author of the review, according to the scheme: “Yes, but ...”. When you agree, you simply disarm the arguments and arguments of the author of the negative review. The worst option is to present logical arguments, evidence, argue the position and enter into a squabble. But even in this case, it is worth answering briefly and dryly, like a robot.

Useful materials

Questions and answers

Question: What other options exist for responding to a negative?

Answer: There are infinitely many response options, but it all depends on the specific situation and fantasy. It is necessary to find the option that will be as safe and efficient for you as possible.

Question: Prompt cheat behavioral factors. How to achieve positive results with them and enter the top?

Answer: To date, all approaches like respam with repetitive anchors and so on, work very poorly, so you can not push out the negative. There are a lot of attempts by many optimizers, for example, in Yandex, who tried to drive competitors' sites “under Tmutarakan” but were not crowned with success. They bought cheap and low-quality links. However, the site did not fall into the ban. It is necessary to understand that any search engine analyzes how the optimization of a particular resource takes place.

Question: What is the maximum time for launching the site in the top of the issue?

Answer: We set our potential and existing clients from six months to a year. This is the period for which it is possible and expedient to sum up the activities carried out. It should be borne in mind that all the work on search engine optimization every day are becoming longer, more difficult, as well as costly. The most effective methods, as a rule, are carried out slowly and require long, careful work. Of course, there are options in order to bring to the top a fresh site that has just been created. For example, the finished site did not open for indexing, the title headers were corrected, and the site took off relative to the previous state.

Question: How to work with negative reviews in reviews?

Answer: Do not be afraid to challenge, complain and take concrete steps. If this is a lie, then you can require the provision of additional evidence, for example, cash and guarantee check or any other documentation. Constructive dialogue in reviews, oddly enough, does not work well, because, as reviews administrators like, when there are public squabbles in the comments, clarification of personal relationships and so on. The best option for today is the repulsion of quantitative positive, negative reviews. Preparing literacy reviews, homing, as well as creating clone pages with positive feedback are also good opportunities for working with negative feedback.

Question: Reputation management in social networks. How can I correct feedback on Facebook?

Answer: In fact, there are few options for interacting with Fb. The first, the best, is to turn off the display of reviews on Facebook in general. Second, generate a maximum of positive ratings. At the same time, we must remember that Facebook will always show units near your top five.

Question: What is the best way to buy links to positive pages of reviews, articles from well-known sites or can you get by using forums?

Answer: The answer is very simple. The lower the frequency, the lower the link requirements.

Question: Top brand issuance score. How long can I clean out?

Answer: In our work there were cases when it was possible, for a couple of months, to remove more than half of the negative, but this is not average statistics, there are more impressive results. As a rule, within six months, the issue is cleaned up successfully, single publications remain.

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