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Evidence semmy. What needs to be done in order for search results, by brand or person, to be higher, and the positive image, reviews and reputation are perfect?

What is a SERM?

What does mysterious terminology and abbreviation SERM mean? This value comes from the abbreviation of Search Engine Reputation Management - this phrase means management in a positive way, regarding something, and your reputation, which is indexed and issued by search services. Of course, this tool is used in the implementation of marketing, PR-public relations. It is designed and provides the maximum positive indicators of positive reputation when performing search engine search. What needs to be done to ensure that the reputation of your person, product or service is positive? There is a very simple and banal recipe for this - according to the corresponding search query of the visitor regarding your business, person, management, product or service - in search results, he needs to ensure the provision of positive information in the form of high-quality and popular content. In other words, the visitor must first see only positive feedback that is organized and provided by the SERM methods. It should be exclusively high-quality content that contains the necessary information, characteristics and any other positive information. As a task to be solved, in the implementation of the SERM, there should not be a negative in the search results, and the sources of negative information should go to the next search results, that is, be given away from the first positions. It is desirable to 5-10 page issue in the search. 

Why is that? Negative information, completely removed from the Internet is almost impossible. Therefore, as an additional task, SERM provides the development and placement of positive feedback, information, content on search queries. The amount of this information and the volume should be critically large when compared with negative reviews. 

Often, people write in the search box the name or surname of the head of the company, the phrase "reviews of work", or indicate the name, surname, patronymic with the word "reviews". As a rule, the issue comes first, only with a negative. SERM aims and really acts to correct this situation. 

Some examples of search results. Positive and negative. What does SERM work with?

Having entered the well-known MTS word into the Google search box, we’ll see a huge variety of sites, a large mass, as a rule, of positive reviews. These are mainly various Internet resources of the MTS service itself, which contain the most frequent references and significant content using the word MTS, as well as various other portals, links to social networks. In the right side of the search results, we see a brief information and a certificate from Wikipedia where information on MTS is clearly, concisely and concisely provided. Search results provide an excellent SERM sample, as well as 6 additional links. Therefore, we believe that the search results MTS is well developed and has good characteristics, performance, reviews. All search positions that are presented on the first page are very relevant. SERM MTS is professional in its implementation.



Another example is the company called Promomed. We enter this name in the search box Google. In our opinion, the company paid insufficient attention to how it is displayed, and is given to the search engine by visitors. The Promomed corporate site is not even in the first place in the search results. The first is the feedback on the work and services of this company. Those. The content of the reviews is more than information about this company in general. Accordingly, with the SERM, apparently no one works.



As can be seen from the presented printskrin, reviews occupy the first three lines of search results. This is not a good indicator, because such reviews can be negative, they can be placed by competitors or personal enemies. From the SERM position, it would be better to get the search results of the corporate site first. For this, high-quality text content and materials about the business being implemented with practical orientation should be developed and posted. In addition to Internet resources, content can also be represented by social networks, as well as various reference materials, videos. 

Another example that we consider is the company "BIO-Optima". We enter this name in the search box Google. As can be seen from the right column, we see the issuance of Google Local Business with all the characteristics: address, work time, contact phone, website, and so on. This is a positive example.


Again, here’s another negative example of SERM. Search results of the supermarket network "Crossroads". This supermarket chain has introduced and uses club discount cards that allow you to charge bonuses for purchases and spend them in this supermarket accordingly. Regarding this site, the entire top 10 search results, represented by various fake sites that have no semantic and positive brand load, just collect advertising traffic, sell advertising and earn money on it. The task, of course, is commendable, but visitors are disappointed, do not receive the expected information, will no longer even enter this name for the search. Now, no one rummages, in the twenties, thirties pages of the portal, do not waste time for this. This site would have to collect potential customers, attract their money for the main activity - trade in products and other goods. From the position of SERM, search results should not mislead potential and existing customers; they should create the wrong and negative image of this network.


 Therefore, we believe that the search results of any product, product, service, or personal brand should be fully controlled. Consider existing, existing methods of reputation management. How to conduct and carry out work with a reputation on the Internet? We will talk about this in this article with you.


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